Trinity Forest Guided Hikes The Annual 2014 Buckeye Walks:
The Texas Buckeyes Flower in March

Sunday March 16, 9am and 12 noon
Added New Hikes:
Saturday March 22, 9am (only)
Saturday March 29, 9am (only)

Hike cancellation dependent upon weather conditions

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** Guided interpretive nature hikes are available upon request throughout the year **

There are many times of the year to see the bottomland forest in it's different "moods" or
seasons. In North Texas, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are less defined by sun or
snow and more defined by moisture, plant emergence and length of warm days. The
seasonal rhythms may also be punctuated by drought or flood. When in flood the forest
and trails are impassable. In drought one can see the dry sloughs and steep river banks
gaining a sense of dimension that would otherwise be obscured by deep water.

For more information or to schedule
a guided hike anytime throughout
the year please contact:

Jim Flood

972 557-1144 please leave message